The Heroes of Barrow

The Archmage

Silmeor Norui 2818 AE

The Heroes return to Dinas Caradan after agreeing to meet with the King’s host before Daeor Cerveth south of Deva. The news of their success, however, is not favourably received by Freya, who is angry at the Heroes for recruiting her brother, the King, to their cause. Freya argues that the warriors of Albion are needed to safeguard their own lands and that the expedition into the Shadowfell is an overly dangerous and vainglorious undertaking. Harsh words are exchanged but the Heroes are forced to put their differences behind them the next day when they travel to Aran Tolneder en route to Hallor, on the Isle of Erin, where Cirdan has remained hidden from the world in self imposed exile.

In Aran Tolneder the Heroes are hosted by Lady Erulisse of Hir Nethtuilin who confirms Lieryaal’s fears that the Eladrin are unwilling, and unable, to assist the Shadar-kai in the Shadowfell. Lady Erulisse, however, promises to aid the Heroes journey to Hallor and an Eladrin ship and crew are placed at their disposal. Late that evening in the royal library Lieryaal is approached by Mithrellas, a leader among the Feywalkers of Albion, who learns from the Hero that a soul gem has been discovered and is being kept in Dinas Caradan. Mithrellas assures Lieryaal that her kin and other trusted feywalkers will explore the Scar and the surrounds of Deva in the hope of discovering more about the origins of the soul gem.


The Heroes depart Aran Tolneder on the morning tide and swiftly make their way to Hallor, an ancient port, from which many Eladrin choose to sail into exile after the destruction of the Fomorian Wars. Cirdan silently waits for the Heroes on the Quay of Sorrows as the Eladrin sailors masterfully bring their vessel into dock. The Heroes follow Cirdan to the royal tower of Hallor, the Dreamer’s Rock, where the Archmage has kept watch over the world. There the Heroes converse late into the night with the silver haired mage who tells them that he knows of only one way to destroy the soul gem. The blade of the goddess Sehanine, gifted to the Eladrin King Narennor, her lover, resides within the grove of Corellon in the last great Eladrin city of Glorada to the south. The blade possesses the power to destroy the soul gem, but not without consequence to it’s wielder unless he or she wears the crown of the Eladrin Kings of Albion. Cirdan asks that the Heroes travel south to Glorada and recover the blade of Sehanine whilst he journey to Amon Din amongst the dead kings of Albion to recover the royal crown. He warns the Heroes, however, that the blade is not unguarded and is a great boon and power to the current denizens of Glorada, who will not allow the blade to be taken. He adds sorrowfully that this is the curse of our power as Heroes of the Academy, to do both good and harm – it is why he had chosen to remove himself from the world, but he acknowledges that with the discovery of the soul gem he must act once again.

To be continued…



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