The Heroes of Barrow

The Battle of Enua

Pelor Galadenna (16) Norui 2818 AE


The Heroes of Barrow, with sixty Shadar-kai warriors, set an ambush by the Enua river for the freshly raised skeletal legions of Re Niassa. For hours the Heroes lie in wait hidden amongst the tall reeds of the river bank as their Shadar-kai allies lurk in the rises overlooking the river.

Weapons and spells are finally readied when the steady and monotonous marching of the approaching skeletal legions is heard. The Shadar-kai, led by Kadua and the priestess Alia, slip into position and when the undead forces lie just below them the Shadar-kai swiftly advance down the slopes with war cries shouted to the Raven Queen on their lips. The leaders of the skeletal legions react quickly. The deathpriest of Orcus and his three battle wight commanders snap orders and over a hundred skeletons form up silently to face the out numbered Shadar-kai. Black tendrils of necrotic energy rip across the field of battle as the two lines crash into one another. Shadar-kai warriors shadow jaunt and twist away from the mechanical attacks of their tireless skeletal foes trying to frustrate creatures that cannot feel or fear; bones are shattered and the gray grass wet with blood.

At that moment the Heroes of Barrow spring up from their place of hiding and charge towards the vulnerable rear of the undead battle lines, but their attempts to take the legion commanders by surprise is thwarted by skeletal reserves and the Heroes suddenly find themselves hard pressed and surrounded by numerous foes. Orwin, priest of Kord, revels in the heart of this battle and although set upon at every side is filled with the frenzy and joy of battle, a blessing from his god, and his great axe hews effortlessly through the weapons and outstretched limbs of his enemies.


Just as the undead threaten to overwhelm the dazed and isolated band of Heroes Estarinel cries out to Pelor and peels of divine light burst forth from his person three times searing and scattering the undead legions greatly reducing their number. The tide of the battle is decisively turned and the Heroes and Shadar-kai attack with renewed vigour striking down first the deathpriest of Orcus and his commanders until only a few skeletal legionnaires remain fighting on, unaware of their eventual doom, until at long last they too are finally vanquished and their restless bones stilled.

The Shadar-kai are exuberant at their victory and give grateful thanks to the Raven Queen – not one of their number has fallen. The Heroes, exhausted but encouraged by the outcome of battle of Enua, return to Te Sukara to celebrate with their allies. There the Heroes make plans to return to Barrow to gather reinforcements from amongst their friends in Albion. {Encounter 30: Deathpriest of Orcus, 2 x Skeletal Guardians, Battle Wight Commander, 2 x Battle Wights, 10 x Skeletal Legions – a Huge 14th level battle formation/unit. The Heroes advance to level 15.}



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