The Heroes of Barrow

The Fall of Eastford

Royal tower of eastford

Sehanine Durenna (12) Gwaeron 2817AE

The Heroes of Barrow are roused from their slumber in the middle of the night by the arrival of the exhausted families of the soldiers of the royal keep of Eastford. The distraught elders, women, and children are ushered into the great hall where the injured are cared for and the terrified comforted. Lady Sarah and Master Leofric question the distressed refugees and learn that the keep of Eastford has been attacked by a goblin warband aided by the walking dead. The families tell how they were forced to flee before they could find shelter in the keep but believe that a goblin force is besieging Eastford whilst the bulk of the warband marches south east to attack the prosperous village of Westdale.

Master Leofric orders a rider to Harnen to warn Earl Selred of the impending attack so that aid can be sent to Westdale. He also sends messengers to the thegns of Westdale, Eskel and the royal keep of Kestern. He is unaware that the Elvish Ranger Daeron and his heathman friend, Edraic, are already sprinting towards Westdale to raise the alarm.

Master Leofric calls the fryd of Barrow to arms. The Heroes of Barrow: Estarinel, Paladin of Pelor; Orwin, Warpriest of Kord; Lieryal Maungnaa, Ranger of Aran Tolneder; and Freya, Shieldmaiden of Deira are ordered north. They quickly gather their arms and equipment and rush to the aid of the beleaguered keep whilst Leofric and the fryd march for Westdale.

Interior eastford

The Heroes are confronted by a force of undead skeletons when they attempt to cross the ford on the river Kantus. In the fight that follows the Heroes defeat their undead foes and discover, just beyond the ford, the bodies of two elders who were lost in the flight from Eastford and slaughtered by the pursuing skeletons. {Encounter 1: 6 x Decreipt Skeletons, 3 x Skeletons} . Determined to reach Eastford and avenge this outrage the Heroes press on through the night and arrive just before dawn at the edge of the deserted village below the keep. {Skill Challenge: Through the Night. Complexity 1}

Lieryal scouts the area and discovers that there are goblins already within the keep. She can clearly see a guard on top of the north tower and the shattered remains of the main gate is strewn with the arrow covered bodies both of men and goblins. The Heroes resolve to frontally assault the keep. Lieryal sneaks forward and fey steps to the top of the north tower in an attempt to silence the guard just before her comrades charge the gate, but she is unable to slay the goblin guard and finds herself in a desperate fight for survival. The goblin guard screams out a warning to his comrades in the courtyard below.

Estarinal, Freya, and Orwin charge through the shattered gate driving back two goblin guards and are quickly set upon by the rest of the goblin holding force. A brutal fight ensues. The warleader of the goblins throws some tear shaped stones onto the ground and undead skeletons spring forth and rush into battle. He then turns to a pile of corpses, the remains of the soldiers of Eastford, and places two of the stones into their mouths, within moments the bodies lurch into life and two zombies stumble towards the already hard pressed Heroes. Somehow the Heroes of Barrow manage to absorb the initial assault and slowly turn the tide cutting down the goblins and their Undead allies with the help of Lieryal who rains down arrows from the north tower after only just overcoming her goblin opponent. Not one goblin escapes. {Encounter 2: 9 x Cutters, 1 x Warrior, 1 x Sharpshooter (north tower)}

In the awful silence that follows the exhausted Heroes rest fitfully whilst Lieryal stands guard in the north tower. Freya weeps openly for the fallen of Eastford many of whom were known to her and the others. The Heroes of Barrow have finally been tested in battle and they have not been found wanting.



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