The Heroes of Barrow

The First Tree

Eladrin city

The Heroes of Barrow feywalk swiftly to the ancient Eladrin city of Glorada in search of Sehanine’s blade. After taking a few moments to get their bearings they make their way towards the temple of Corellon at the heart of the City of Trees. The Heroes become aware that they are being watched; swarms of tiny winged fey follow them, skipping and twisting between the lofty treetops far above, their chattering just audible above the constant birdsong. For many of the Heroes it is the first time that they have entered an Eladrin city and they are awed by the grandeur of the great trees rising about them.

The Heroes warily enter the temple of Corellon all too aware that their quest will bring harm to the denizens of this wonderous place. The temple is a magnificent cathedral of trees shaped by haughty Eladrin mages centuries before when their people sought refuge from the wars against the Fomorians in Albion. At the centre of the temple stands the most ancient of trees, Miralda, nurtured from the seed of one of the first trees of the world; and plunged deep into Milralda’s huge bough can be seen the blade of Sehanine, gifted to Narennor, once king of Glorada.

The Heroes gather quickly about the foot of Miralda arguing one last time among themselves hoping that there is some way to remove the sword and not harm the ancient life giving tree. Finally, Freya begins the ritual which will release the sword from Milrada’s grip. The temple becomes eerily quiet for a moment only Freya’s clear voice can be heard ringing about the temple as she completes the ritual. A trickle of warm sap oozes from the blade of the sword. Freya informs her companions that the ritual is working.


Suddenly the world about the Heroes erupts in anger. Some of the trees within the grove come to life and advance menacingly towards shieldwall of the Heroes. Wood woads charge into the temple and swarms of tiny poisonous fey swoop down from the treetops. The Heroes brace themselves, but under Estarinal and Freya’s leadership are loath to spill blood, recognising that the Treants and their allies are simply defending what is precious to them. Estarinal tries in vain to reason with the great trees warning them that if the Heroes do not take the blade to destroy the soul gem that all the world could be consumed by darkness, but the protectors of Miralda, outraged at the violence towards their mother, fall upon the Heroes.

The Heroes are battered by the ferocious assault; Edriac is overcome by fey darts and Orwin, priest of Kord, is no longer able to hold himself in check and enters a rage cutting down many of the wood woads. Lieeryal tries to reach out to Miralda, pressing herself against the great bulk of the tree, she beseeches the ancient tree to give over the sword of her own free will, to save the world, but Miralda is overcome with pain and is able to briefly dominate Lieeryal who blindly lashes out at a shocked Freya. The Treants close in and the very earth beneath the feet of the Heroes writhes and lashes out at them.


All seems lost when Lieeryal, with a great effort of will, regains her senses and gripping the sword with all her strength wrenches Sehanine’s blade from the Miralda. A great howl of pain fills the temple and the trees in the cathedral shake and groan in agony as a great gout of sap pours from the open wound. Holding the sword aloft, and calling upon the ancient power of kingship invested in the blade, Lieeryal commands the Treants and their allies to desist. At first the guardians of the temple continue to press their attack, but then the fey suddenly return to the treetops, and the wood woads reluctantly retire, and one by one the Treants surrender to the will of the blade wielder, but not without cursing the Heroes and promising revenge.

The Heroes dare not linger, but grasping this good fortune gather up their companion Edriac and retreat from the temple, heavy hearted that they have caused so such harm and grief. It is a victory that they do not cherish. The tiny band move as far away from the temple as possible before reviving Edriac and then with what little strength she has remaining Lieeryal slips them all into the world between as they feywalk north to find a place to rest before returning to Hallor.



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