The Heroes of Barrow

The Saga so far

Echuir (Stirring Time) 2817 AE

Royal tower of eastford

Gwaeron (windy)
Goblin war bands aided by The White Lady and her undead allies attack the royal keep of Eastford and the village of Westdale. The goblin war bands are routed, and the keep of Eastford recaptured by the Heroes who also vanquish a goblin shaman and his followers at a ruined Temple dedicated to the Raven Queen.

Gwirith (budding)
The Heroes return to Barrow and preparations are made for an expedition into the western mountains with the goal of recovering wealth from the deserted estates of the Dragonborn and Khuzdul nobility of the city of Danum and the kingdom of Sarum respectively.

Ethuil (Spring)

Lothron (flowering)
The Heroes establish a base at Arkell’s tomb in the mountains after defeating a pack of ravenous ghouls and a curious young white dragon. Nearby they discover the final resting place of a Dragonborn paladin, Gidan, who is mourned by the ghost of his lover, Meira, a concubine to the jealous and cruel Dragonborn Emperor Azrael. Estarinel recovers Gidan’s sunblade after trying to converse with Meira who flees but not before summoning phantoms to protect her beloveds tomb. The Heroes overcome the phantoms, but days later Estarinel is plagued by dreams in which Meira leads him to a secret burial chamber beneath the secluded summer palace of the Emperor Azrael. The Heroes resolve to investigate the truth of Estarinel’s dream and on route to the Emperor’s palace slaughter a force of goblins escorted by ogres.

Spring barrow

The Heroes stealthily enter the hobgoblin infested palace and discover a series of burial chambers beneath a temple – the final tomb of the Emperor Azrael and his court. After slaying numerous undead foes the Heroes rescue Meira, who is miraculously alive, cursed by the Emperor Azrael to live forever as punishment. The Heroes decide to loot the Emperor’s tomb and are almost overwhelmed by mad and savage wraiths, however, they discover the Emperor’s phylactery and Orwin destroys this with several blows of his great axe, but not before glimpsing an outraged Lich Lord staring at him from a shadow marked land.

Norui (pasturing)
The Heroes escort Meira to Barrow and learn of the despair that consumed the Emperor Azrael at the death of his wife and how his grief drove him to transform himself into a Lich Lord, a servant of Orcus. Orwin retains the shards of the phylactery unaware that its unique signature can be tracked by Azrael in The Shadowfell. The Heroes recuperate and Master Leofric sends a group of frydsmen and craftsmen to fortify the outpost at Arkell’s tomb. Mithrellas teaches Lieryal Maungnaa how to feywalk between the ancient Eladrin places of power.

Laer (Summer)

Cerveth (harvesting)
The Heroes return to the western mountains and enter the deserted Khuzdul city of Sarum where they join battle with hobgoblins who they discover are in alliance with Druegar. The Heroes capture a goblin, Murkil, who tells them where the treasury of the old Khuzdul kings is located. Murkil is forced to lead the Heroes to the treasury which is warded by powerful magic and guardians which almost defeat the Heroes. Orwin finds amongst the regalia of the King’s of Sarum a mail coat which once belonged to a Goliath hero, Aukan.


Whilst resting in an isolated villa in Sarum the Heroes are tracked down by the Heathman Edraic and Kavita, a Shadar-kai, who has been sent by her people to warn the Heroes that Azrael has sent his servants to slay them. As the Heroes attempt to leave Sarum they are assaulted by a force of undead which they defeat. After some argument the Heroes free Murkil and return to Barrow.

Urui (summer heat)
Messages are sent to the exiled Khuzdul nobles of Sarum that the lost regalia of their kings have been recovered. Kavita warns the Heroes that the Emperor Azrael will continue to hound them and perhaps even Barrow. She convinces them to travel to the Shadowfell with her to slay the Lich Lord. The Heroes accept her counsel and with Lieryal’s feywalking ritual quickly make their way north pausing briefly at the Dragonborn city of Aesica before entering The Scar.

Iavas (Autumn)

Ivanneth (fruiting)
The Heroes reach Ersala in the the Shadowfell after a desperate battle against an undead Beholder drawn to the power of Kavita’s ritual of passage. The Heroes dazed and wounded are led by Kavita to the sacred beacon of Namurra where souls find their way to the Raven Queen’s palace. Finally the Heroes are able to rest safely. Edraic is asked by Kavita to act as her second in a ritual where she gives up her soul in service to the Raven Queen.


The Heroes are informed by the elders of Te Sukara and the ‘deathless’ Deva, Selyn Barreyd, that a spy within Azrael’s court has told the Shadar-kai of a secret passage beneath the Red Temple that leads into the heart of the Lich Lord’s palace at Re Niassa, where Azrael has skulked since the destruction of his phylactery. The Heroes agree that it is time to strike Azrael whilst he is weak although they acknowledge that they may be walking into a trap. Before they can join their Shadar-kai allies at the Red Temple the Heroes are ambushed by powerful servant’s of the Emperor. Estarinal is almost slain in the battle. Whilst resting, but still delirious from his wounds, Estarinal receives a vision of the angel Helah who guides the spirit of Ithiel into his sunblade forever transforming the weapon into a powerful and holy relic.

The Heroes assault the Red Temple with Selyn and their Shadar-kai allies slaying the priests of Orcus within and easily finding the secret passage to the Emperor’s palace. Lieryal discovers a feywalker’s amulet upon the high priest’s body. After a brief rest the Heroes enter the palace and whilst their allies move to hold the gates seek out the Emperor in his private quarters. A brutal fight ensues and the Heroes are able to cast down Azrael and his elite bodyguard taking from him his crown. Meeting up with their Shadar-kai allies they swiftly travel through a linked portal to Namurra escaping the wrath of Azrael’s vengeful servants.

After some time in the Shadowfell the Heroes, now joined by Selyn, return to Albion through Ersala/The Scar. There they fight their way through undead to the Dragonborn city of Aesica where they are given a warm and triumphant welcome by the consul Kohath. The Emperor of Albion’s crown is returned to the Dragonborn who celebrate the Heroes with feasting and giving of gifts.

Narbeleth (grape harvesting)
Eager to return to Barrow after their exploits in the Shadowfell Lieryal feywalks her comrades to Dol Aranel only to discover that Barrow is under attack from Trolls, Wyverns, and deformed Blightborn! The Heroes rush to the defense of their beloved village and are surprised to find contingents of Khuzdul and Eladrin already defending the village. The Heroes join the defenders and rout their foes after enduring several waves of attackers. After tending to the wounded they celebrate their victory with the exiled King of Sarum, Einar, and Mithrellas and all their gathered kin. Lady Sarah tells how Einar was in Barrow awaiting the Heroes return when they captured a goblin who warned them of an impending attack by the forces of the ambitious troll king Skalmad. The Khuzdul fortified Barrow as best they could whilst Mithrellas swiftly summoned her folk and with the timely aid of the Heroes were able to defeat the Troll King’s raid.

The Heroes interrogate the captured goblin whom they instantly recognise – Murkil of Sarum. Murkil says that he speaks for a number of the hobgoblin chiefs who have been forced to give their fealty to the self proclaimed troll king Skalmad, who has united a number of powerful troll clans. The goblin tells the Heroes that Skalmad boasted of crushing Barrow to show his strength and has already captured the outpost of Arkell’s tomb, capturing and killing it’s defenders. Murkil knows that some of these people are still alive as Skalmad paraded them as slaves before the hobgoblin chiefs. Under duress Murkil describes the location of Skalmad’s Great Warren deep in the western mountains and precisely where the slaves are held in the murky caverns. The goblin explains that Skalmad has some great power assisting him and has spoken of an ancient cauldron of power. A day later the Heroes march to their friends rescue. Murkil is released to return to his people once again.

The Heroes enter Skalmad’s warren cutting their way ferociously through the numerous Troll guards and their allies until they reach the slave pits and carry the prisoners to safety through a sinkhole that leads to the surface. After a brief rest the Heroes return to the troll warren to search for one of the prisoners believed to be held in Skalmad’s throne room, but before they can find her they are confronted by the White Lady who has been aiding the troll king’s efforts. The Heroes are able to defeat the White Lady’s undead servants, but cannot prevent her escape once again.


Seeking to take Skalmad by surprise the Heroes burst into his throne room and defeat the troll king, his elite bodyguard, and two drow emissaries. The missing prisoner, Isla, a sorceress, is rescued. The Heroes learn from her how Skalmad’s crystal throne is a portal to the Feywild where the cauldron of power resides. The Heroes use the throne to travel to the Feywild and discover Moss Kragg a ruined Fomorian fortress which is guarded by magical wards and the devout Cyclops retainers of two Fomorian Priestess’. After several difficult battles the Heroes overcome the Fomorians and destroy the cauldron. Weighed down with booty the Heroes return with their rescued friends to Barrow.

Firith (Fading)

Hithui (foggy)
The Heroes arrive in Barrow just in time to celebrate the great harvest festival. Hadwin of Calver, an emissary from the King of Deira, presents himself to the Heroes and explains how their exploits have reached the court in Erelas. Estarinel learns that Freya is the eldest sister of King Athelstan. The Heroes finally enjoy a well deserved rest and contemplate building a new fortified Academy with their riches, which includes an ancient torc from an Eladrin noble house. Lieryal gifts this to Mithrellas to return to the Eladrin of Aran Tolneder.

Winter albion

Girithron (frosty)
The Heroes are invited to the court of the King of Deira at Erelas. They are surprised to discover Freya’s true lineage and are hosted warmly by King Athelstan, her brother, who attempts to persuade the Heroes to take a more active interest in the affairs of the kingdom and to found an Academy, with his aid, in Erelas. The Heroes return to Barrow divided as to the Academy’s future role.

Rhiw (Winter)

Norwain & Ninui (snowy & rainy)
The Heroes winter in Barrow pursuing various personal interests and expanding their friendships amongst the Khuzdul, Eladrin, Dragonborn, and folk of Dinas Caradan. This involves traveling to Belegost, Aran Tolneder, Aesica, Whitehaven, and Dinas Caradan respectively.

Echuir (Stirring Time) 2818 AE

Gwaeron (windy)
Plans are laid for the reconquest of the Khuzdul city of Sarum.

Gwirith (budding)
The Heroes are invited to Aran Tolneder where Erulisse, the Lady of Hir Nethtuilin, an Eladrin noble house, gift the Banner of Barrow in thanks for the return of their ancestral torc, recovered from Skalmad’s horde. The banner is adorned with stars representing the burial mounds of Dol Aranel which overlook the village of Barrow.


The host of Sarum gather at Barrow. Warriors from the exiled Khuzdul King of Sarum and their kin from Belegost and Barahathur join forces with the thegns and frydsmen of King Athelstan of Deira. Elvish scouts from Aremathor rally with the host which numbers over three and half thousand souls.

Ethuil (Spring)

Lothron (flowering)
After the spring festival and offerings to the gods the host marches west! The allied army is subjected to raids and niggling attacks from small bands of goblins as they advance on Sarum, which are easily repelled with the aid of the Heroes of Barrow. The host reaches and advances into Sarum only to find that it’s goblin and druegar defenders have hastily fled some days before. The halls of the great city are made safe and the surrounding countryside reclaimed.

The Heroes are sent to the ancient burial chambers of the Kings of Sarum where they vanquish a demonic dragon summoned by the retreating druegar. Ravik of the Five, hearth companion to the King of Sarum, is slain and his passing is mourned by the Heroes.

Norui (pasturing)

Edriac and Kavita travel from the Shadowfell to Sarum and persuade the Heroes to return with them to assist with an attack against the weakened forces of Re Niassa, the stronghold of the slain Lich Lord Azrael.


Arriving in Te Sukara the Heroes are invited to speak at a council between the elders of a number of Shadar-kai tribes, but before they can utter a word the elders are attacked by Namku assassins, Shadar-kai loyal to the undead masters of Daranusan. In the vicious and confusing battle that follows one of the elders is slain and the ancestor stones defiled. After grieving for the loss of Isina of Te Alim the elders continue their discussion and the Heroes manage to persuade each of the tribes to pledge warriors to capture Re Niassa thereby safeguarding the soul beacon of Namurra.

Before the Heroes can return to Albion, to gather allies to assist the Shadar-kai assault, scouts spot a small force of undead led by a death priest and battle wights marching towards Ersala intent on summoning undead to reinforce Re Niassa. The scouts describe an Eladrin women amongst the undead force – the White Lady. The Heroes hastily gather their arms and with sixty warriors from Te Sukara and Te Urma set an ambush for the undead legion on it’s return from Ersala.



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