The Heroes of Barrow

The Temple of the Raven Queen

Temple raven queen

Erathis Durenna (13) Gwaeron 2817 AE

Early that morning Thegn Declan, commander of the royal keep of Kestern, arrives in Eastford with ten men. The Heroes relate the tale of their battle and the fall of Eastford. Declan decides to remain at Eastford rather than rush to the aid of Westdale. He persuades the Heroes to help fortify the battered keep against further goblin attacks. Together they raise burial mounds for the fallen soldiers of Eastford.

At midday the Elvish Ranger Daeron and his Heathman companion, Edraic, arrive from the southeast bringing news of the battle of Westdale. Daeron reports that Selred, Earl of Lothene (the North Shire), was able to muster enough fighting men to throw back the goblin warband and their undead allies, but losses amongst Selred’s men were terrible as many of them were simple villagers. The Elvish Ranger tells with sadness how much of the village was destroyed during the hard fought battle.

Daeron then warns the Heroes and Thegn Declan that although the goblin warband fled the battlefield in disarray Earl Selred was unable to organise an effective pursuit. There are small bands of goblin raiders making their way back to their tribal grounds in the north east. Daeron believes that some of them will pass close to Eastford or seek shelter there. Earl Selred has asked that Eastford continue to be held against the goblins and that some men be despatched to harass the retreating goblins. The Heroes, who are joined by the barbarian Edriac, readily agree to hunt down the goblins whilst Daeron, Declan, and his men remain at Eastford. After a hasty meal the Heroes set out into the forested hills.


Late in the day Lieryal Maungnaa discovers a number of goblin tracks that seem to converge at a ruined Temple of the Raven Queen originally erected by Dragonborn legionnaires to honour comrades who fell in the invasion of Albion. Cautiously approaching the ruined upper temple the Heroes are attacked by an emaciated and desperate force of goblins led by a berserk Skullcleaver. The goblins fight with a grim determination but are quickly overcome by the Heroes. {Encounter 3: 1 x Skullcleaver, 3 x Cutters, 4 x Warriors, 1 x Sharpshooter} .

After a short rest the Heroes descend into the lower temple of the Raven Queen where they surprise the goblin tribe’s shaman and bodyguard deep in argument with a pale faced Eladrin woman. The Eladrin swiftly orders a deadlock wight and zombies in her service to kill the Heroes and the goblins! The White Lady, as she comes to be known, then quickly makes her escape through a portal before the Heroes can act against her. The battle is brutal and tainted by fell sorcery, but the divine might of Orwin and Estarinel win victory for the Heroes with Lieryal bravely fey stepping to distract the wight even though she is both blinded and badly wounded. When their opponents are finally vanquished the Heroes make offerings of thanks to the gods and pay tribute to the fallen legionnaires of the temple whose death masks line the walls. {Encounter 4: 1 x Skullcleaver, 1 x Cutter, 1 x Goblin Hexer, 2 x Zombies, 1 x Deadlock Wight} .

Night has fallen by the time the Heroes ascend to the surface. It is too difficult for them to continue tracking goblins so they decide to make their way back to Eastford where they take a lengthly rest before returning to the village of Barrow.



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