The Heroes of Barrow

The Wild Hunt

The Heroes of Barrow, exhausted after their battle in the temple of Corellon, having feywalked for some leagues, stop to rest in a peaceful wooded glade. Lieeryal watches over her comrades as they succumb to their weariness lulled into sleep by the gentle bubbling of a nearby stream and waterfall. It is not long, however, before she senses that they have been followed by creatures capable of feywalking. Quickly waking her companions the Heroes are able to ready themselves just before a clamour of war cries fills the glade.


A warband of centaurs charge swiftly towards the Heroes screaming that they have come to avenge Miralda, and although Estarinal attempts to parley with them they launch a ferocious attack, wading across the stream and striking at the line of Heroes with their great swords whilst some of their warband rain down deadly arrows upon the resolute Heroes. But the centaurs had not reckoned on the skillfulness of the Heroes of Barrow, and Orwin, with the aid of his companions, strikes down the centaur warchief with ease. Victory, it seems, will come quickly.

At that moment, however, the Wild Hunt, with swarms of fey, storm into the glade, grim faced Firbolgs, warriors of great renown, lead by a raging bloodbear and priestess of the moon. The Firbolgs quickly make their presence felt, well organised and determined, they marshal the efforts of the centaur archers. The tiny fey swarm about the Heroes looking for any opening for their poisonous darts. The Firbolg cunningly isolate Lieeryal, wielder of Sehanine’s blade, from her companions and concentrate their attacks on her, greatly weakening the Eladrin Feywalker. The other Heroes try to reach Lieeryal and focus their assault, but are driven back by the powerful arrows of the centaur archers or are hindered by the Firbolg hunters who drive the Heroes apart from one another. The Heroes become frustrated and most of them suffer terrible wounds, but none as grievously as Lieeryal who is brought to her knees by the moon seer and forced against her will to hand the blade of Sehanine to the priestess. The quest seems to have been for nothing, then the Deva, Selyn, teleports the Heroes to within reach of the priestess and Orwin, with the rage of Kord upon him, slays the moon seer allowing Edriac to recover the blade.


The Firbolg warriors are stunned at the lost of their leader, but the bloodbear responds immediately advancing upon Orwin with a terrible fury. The mighty priest of Kord is struck down and begins to feel his life slipping from him. The centaurs archers once again knock many of the Heroes to their kness with powerful shots and Edriac stands alone certain that he will soon join the Raven Queen. Without hesitation, Selyn once again rallies the beleaguered Heroes. The powerful Invoker teleports Edriac and her comrades to safety where they can quickly regroup.

Fey swarm

The Heroes do not hesitate to take advantage of their second chance and throwing caution to the wind, determined to die with honour, launch one ferocious attack after another upon their surprised adversaries. Orwin is helped to his feet by Freya’s encouraging words and with the aid of the steadfast Estarinal the Heroes strengthen their battle line. The centaur archers, who have proved so deadly throughout the battle, are the first to fall to the reinvigorated Heroes. Selyn with bursts of radiant light forces the fey swarms to flee in terror. Then the bloodbear, almost blind with rage, threatens to snatch victory from the embattled Heroes and almost overwhelms Freya and Orwin. But the Heroes hold fast and concentrate their attacks against the bloodbear, who transforms at one point into a terrible creature of primal rage, before Orwin, aided by the loyal Freya, tears the beast apart with a flurry of blows.

The remaining Firbolgs seeing their greatest warrior fall falter. Freya seizing the initiative swiftly advances upon them and demands that they yield. The Firbolgs hesitate, and some driven by grief wish to continue the fight, but clearer wills prevail and the Firbolg offer their surrender on the condition that they be allowed to carry their fallen companions from the field. The Heroes readily agree to this, but Edriac remains distrustful until the Heroes are able to retire some distance from the glade, rest briefly, and then continue on their way to Hallor, grateful and relieved that fortune was kind to them this day.


Bravo! :) Once again i have been so very impressed and captivated by your extremely well written and very intriguing new entry “The wild hunt” onto your neat site! :) Fantastic pictures to go along with it too! :) Sounds like a very intense adventure everyone went threw! :) Anyway well done mchappory on yet another great read! :) :) :) Thought it was AWESOME! :) :) :) “You really do have a great imagination!” :)

The Wild Hunt

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