• Alder


    (47) Priest of Avandra and counsellor to the Heroes of the Academy. Alder is quietly spoken, wise, and patient.
  • Alia


    (27) A Shadar_Kai of the Te Sukara. Priestess of the Raven Queen and sister to Kavita.
  • Amras


    Ambassador of the Elvish Kingdom of Lass Celeb to Dinas Caradan.
  • Anwell


    Sellword and frequent visitor to The Tower in the Shambles in Aesica. He is a friend and contact of Iminye.
  • Ariah


    Ambassador of the Dragonborn Emperor of Amorica.
  • Arkell


    Hero of Sarum. His Clan Temple is used as an outpost by the Heroes of Barrow.
  • Ash


    (23) A Hero of Barrow and Heathman Druid. Gentle and kindhearted. Ash is a true guardian of the wild places surrounding Barrow and is one of the newest recruits to the Academy. Brother to Isla. He was rescued from the Troll King's Great Warren.
  • Athelstan


    (23) King of Deira and younger brother to Freya of Barrow. An ambitious impulsive young man, and a generous host. He is not quick to anger unlike his brother the deceased King Alfric.
  • Aukan


    Goliath Hero whose enchanted hauberk of mail was found by Orwin in the treasury of Tarannon in Sarum.
  • Aura


    Beloved Empress of Emperor Azrael of Albion who died prematurely.
  • Azrael


    Dragonborn Emperor of Albion and Undead Lich. Servant of Orcus and Lord of Re Niassa.
  • Baden


    (50's) Resilient and courageous blacksmith of Barrow. Rescued from the Troll King's Great Warren by the Heroes of Barrow.
  • Balin


    Commander of the Khuzdul forces east of Aesica and charged with rebuilding the wall forts and clearing the ruined city of Sulis of goblin raiders.
  • Blecca


    A sellsword veteran in Aesica. Blecca rules from the Tower a alehouse and brothel in the Shambles beside the river Irthing. His gang is a powerful force in the city. He trusts Iminye.
  • Bryn


    Lord of Carach Angren the Khuzdul fortress that guards Adunak. Bryn is a capable leader and warrior of reknown. His men adore him and speak hihgly of him.
  • Caedmund


    (62) Lord of the fortress city of Dinas Caradan. Loyal vassal of the Kingdom of Deira.
  • Cedric


    (37) Earl of Elmete (West Deira). A friend and ally of Hadwin of Calder.
  • Charan


    Charan, a tiefling merchant, runs a wine bar in Aesica and is well connected throughout the city.
  • Cian


    (40) A Heathman Druid and Master of Dinas Caradan. Cian is demanding and has a rough manner. He smells of the wild and has a thick braided beard.
  • Cirdan


    An Eladrin Archmage and founding member of the Academy of Heroes at Dinas Caradan. Cirdan created the Spiral Tower that stands at the centre of the Academy. The Archmage has not been seen for many years.
  • Colwyn


    Inn Keeper of the Sickle and Flail an alehouse in Dinas Caradan. Colwyn once served as a guard in Lord Caedmund's service, but the loss an eye in battle against goblins forced an early retirement.
  • Daeron


    An Elvish Ranger of Aremathor and friend of the community at Barrow. He prefers to travel alone and knows the western hills and north well.
  • Daithi


    (34) Warleader of a Heathman tribe camped before the walls of Aesica.
  • Declan


    (41) Commander of the Royal Tower of Kestern, west of Barrow.
  • Edwin of Oakley

    Edwin of Oakley

    (32) Thegn to Hadwin of Calver.
  • Einar


    King of Sarum.
  • Ellu


    (19) Womb mother to Orwin of Barrow's child.
  • Enel


    An female Eladrin Arcane Archer who helped in the defense of the village of Barrow when it was assaulted by Skalmad's forces.
  • Eormena


    (23) Wife to Selred, Earl of Lothene.
  • Erulisse


    Lady of Hir Nethtuilin, a noble Eladrin House. Erulisse gifted the Standard of Barrow to the Heroes in thanks for the return of a kinsman's torc lost during the Fomorian Wars. She dwells on Anoren, one of the nine isles of Aran Tolneder.
  • Esme


    (52) Paladin and Elder of the Retreat in the hills east of Whitehaven. Although often in Whitehaven she teaches as a Master of Dinas Cardan.
  • Gidan


    Lover of Meira, concubine to the jealous Emperor Azrael, who had Gidan strangled. Estarinal recovered Gidan's Sunblade from the dragonborn paladin's tomb.
  • Godwin


    (52) Younger brother of King Eadric and uncle to King Athelstan of Deira. He seeks revenge for the death of King Alfric in a skirmish on the border of the Kingdom of Bernicia.
  • Gytha


    (20) Princess of the Kingdom of Deira and younger sister of Freya and King Athelstan.
  • Hadwin of Calver

    Hadwin of Calver

    (58) A trusted advisor and loyal supporter of King Athelstan of Deira.
  • Hakan


    High Priest of Moradin. Hakan is stern and dour by nature and has lost hope for the world, but not the courage to defend it.
  • Hama


    King of Belegost and kin to Einar of Sarum.
  • Helath


    Angel and messenger of Pelor. She appeared to Estrinal in a dream before the assault on Re Niassa and channelled the spirit of Ithiel into Gidan's Sunblade.
  • Hiram


    Commander of the contingent sent to escort Ambassador Ariah from Amorica.
  • Idri


    An Eladrin Bladesinger who lead the Eladrin forces in defending Barrow against the raiders of the King Troll Skalmad. Kinswoman of Mithrellas.
  • Ila


    Tiefling Guardian of the Academy at Dinas Caradan.
  • Iminye


    A Master of Dinas Caradan. Iminye is an Eladrin rogue. She is mischevious and impulsive. Iminye loves travel and is fascinated by the mortals of Albion especially the less reputable ones.
  • Inimase


    Elder of the Te Sukara.
  • Isla


    (21) A Hero of Barrow and Heathwoman Sorceress. Proud, fierce, and reckless. Isla has no fear of death because of prophecy that tells how she will die. She is one of the newest recruits to the Academy and is Ash's sister.
  • Ithiel


    Priest of Pelor and brother to the corrupted Emperor Azrael. Azrael ordered Ithiel's torture and execution. His spirit inhabits Estrinal's Holy Avenger.
  • Jerusha


    Dragonborn Prefect of Aesica. Efficient and loyal. Jerusha carefully manages the needs of the civilian populace and is a voice for them against the military class.
  • Kavita


    (25) A Shadar-Kai of the Te Sukara and anointed servant of the Raven Queen. She has taken Edriac the Heathman as her lover.
  • Kohath


    Consul of the Dragonborn city of Aesica.
  • Krumack


    Hobgoblin chieftain of the Emperor Azrael's palace overlooking Danum. He was deposed by a Hand of Bane for allowing the Heroes of Barrow to humilitate him and infiltrate his palace. Many of his loyal followers were crucified.
  • Lady Sarah

    Lady Sarah

    (50's) Widow of thegn Wilfrid of Barrow and founder of the Academy of Heroes at Barrow. A distant cousin to King Athelstan of Deira and a descendant of Ronan, Hero of Deira.
  • Leofric


    (62) Once a hearth companion to King Eadric of Deira. Leofric is the weapon master and leader of the Academy of Heroes at Barrow. He has a quick temper and is a harsh teacher.
  • Magan


    Sellsword second of Blecca in Aescia.
  • Maglor


    High King of Galathilion.
  • Malakai


    High Priest of Bahamut in Aesica. He is formal, distant, and controlling.
  • Meira


    Once a concubine of the Dragonborn Emperor Azrael and secret lover of Gidan, servant of Pelor. She was rescued by the Heroes of Barrow and now resides in Aesica.
  • Mena


    Loyal comrade to Ravik of the Five.
  • Mithrellas


    An Eldarin noblewoman and frequent visitor to Barrow.
  • Morven


    (45) Weaponsmaster of the Academy at Dinas Cardan. Morven is kindly, respectful, and a veteran of many battles.
  • Murkil


    A goblin captured in Sarum. He was responsible for warning the village of Barrow about Skalmad the Troll King's planned raid.
  • Nadar


    Optio of the city of Aesica who escorted the Heroes on their triumphant return from the Shadowfell with the relics of the Dragonborn Emperor's of Albion.
  • Olwe


    An Eladrin Arcane Archer who was slain defending Barrow when it was assaulted by Skalmad's forces.
  • Quennari


    Aremathor's Ambassador to the court of King Athelstan of Deira.
  • Ravik of the Five

    Ravik of the Five

    Hearth companion to King Einar of Sarum. A brave friend of the heroes of Barrow who fell fighting against the Draconic Demon in royal tombs of Sarum
  • Saeros


    A half elven sage and Master of Arcana at Dinas Caradan since Cirdan's disappearence. Saeros is unable to work magic himself, but has a great knowledge of rituals and the secrets of Cirdan's tower.
  • Selred


    (25) Earl of Lothene (North Deira) and son of Ulric of Harnen. A trusted friend of King Athelstan and respected by Lady Sarah of Barrow. He organised the successful, but costly, defence of Westdale.
  • Sian


    (51) Widow of King Eadric of Deira and Queen Mother. She is opposed to peace with the Kingdom of Bernicia after the death of her son, King Alfric, in a border skirmish between the two Kingdoms.
  • Skalmad


    King of the Trolls and ally/pawn of the Formorians. Slain by the Heroes of Barrow.
  • Tecwyn


    (42) King of Bernicia.
  • Thain


    An encouraging and reliable Master of the Academy. A priest of Moradin. His lower right arm was severed below the elbow in combat.
  • The White Lady

    The White Lady

    Nemesis of the Heroes of Barrow and a powerful Necromancer. The enigmatic White Lady is responsible for attacks on Westdale and Barrow. She has eluded capture on a number of occasions.
  • Thurstan


    (47) King Tecwyn of Bernicia's representative at the royal court of Deira. He hopes to wed Tecwyn's daughter Leona (18) to King Athelstan.
  • Tomas


    (27) A frydsman of Barrow who was captured and tortured by Skalmad. He was rescued from the Troll King's Great Warren by the Heroes of Barrow, but has never fully recovered from his ordeal.
  • Tor


    King of Barahathur.
  • Tuor


    An Eladrin Arcane Archer who helped in the defense of the village of Barrow when it was assaulted by Skalmad's forces. He gifted Olwe's bow to Lieryal.
  • Walden


    Owner of the Travellers Way Inn in Dinas Caradan. Walden is a wealthy merchant who hires sell swords to search local ruins for valuable items he can sell to local nobles.