The Light of Ithiel

Sunblade / Holy Avenger / Artefact

weapon (melee)

+3 Long Sword, Sun Blade, Holy Avenger, Artefact



This weapon can shed bright or dim light up to 20 squares. You control the brightness and the range of the light.

A holy avenger deals an extra 1d10 radiant damage when the power you use to make the attack has the radiant keyword.

On a critical hit you can spend a healing surge.

On a critical deal an extra 1D6 per item bonus (+3)


A holy avenger can be used as a holy symbol. It adds its enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls and the extra damage granted by its property (if applicable) when used in this manner. You do not gain your weapon proficiency bonus on an attack when using a holy avenger as an implement.


Power (At-Will * Radiant): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is radiant damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.

Power (Daily * Radiant): Standard Action. You cause motes of light to burst out and attach to your enemies. Make an attack: Close burst 2; targets enemies; Strength vs. Reflex (apply a bonus to the attack roll equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus);on a hit, the target takes 3d8 radiant damage.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. You and each ally within 10 squares of you gain a +5 power bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defences until the end of your next turn.

Power (Daily * Divine): [Paladin Paragon Path Justicar Utility 12] Immediate Interrupt. An ally within 5 squares of you is attacked. The attack misses all of your allies it targets, but automatically hits you even if you weren’t a target of the attack.


Ithiel is currently satisfied and grants the following
- Power of the Sun pg 120 Divine Power
- Solar Enemy pg 120 Divine Power


Ithiel is currently pleased and grants the following
- +1 saving throws
- Critical Damage goes from 1D6 to 1D8


This sword was recovered from an old tomb. It was a sunblade that originally belonged to a Dragonborn paladin Gidon in the Dragonborn emperor Azraels court. Azrael had him killed as another member of Azrael’s court Meira was his lover. When we entered the tomb it was haunted by Meira’s ghost.

Estarinel tried to make contact with her but she fled and sent ghostly apparitions to fight us. We defeated them and recovered the sunblade.

Later Estarinel received a very vivid dream which lead him to the emperor Azrael’s tomb complex under the lair of a hobgoblin tribe.

While exploring the tomb we discovered Meira trapped in a sarcophagus in a half-dead half-alive state for centuries. We freed her and were able to bring her back to life.

Also while exploring Azraels tomb we destroyed his phylactery thus earning his enmity as he had become an undead leader in the Shadowfell.

Later he hunted us and sent his minions to hound us. We were invited to journey to the Shadowfell and strike back at him.

As we journeyed to his citadel (Re Niassa) we were attacked by several of his most powerful minions. The battle was extremely grim. Estarinel fell and rose again more than once. He used the very last of his last healing reserves laying on hands on a companion before he fell a final time.

At the end of the battle Estarinels companions were able to stablise Estarinel but it was some time before he was able to return to conciousness and he was carried from the field of battle (he was luckier than some as one companion never rose again after that battle).

At this low point while he was unconscious he was in a dream like state. He was resting under a large tree. It was the middle of summer and his blade lay across his lap. An angelic woman appeared before him and spoke to him of hope. A spirit was called and came to reside in his blade. Ithiel had been a cleric of Pelor and was the brother of Azrael and had opposed him in life and been destroyed by the emperor. With Ithiel residing in the blade it became a holy avenger and gained new powers when in alignment with its bearer.

The Heroes of Barrow continued on and destroyed Azrael in his citadel and returned victorious from the Shadowfell with his crown.

On their journey back to Barrow they returned the crown to the Dragonborn settlement of Aesica.

Ithiel and Estarinel have and continue to bring the light of Pelor into darkness.

The Light of Ithiel

The Heroes of Barrow Estarinel