Places of Power

There are a number of significant places of power on the Isle of Albion. Most of these places are imbued with the arcane beauty of the Feyborn Eladrin who ruled Albion until their exodus following the battle of Caron Amarth in 1298 AE. Other places of power are tainted with the tragedy of despair and destruction that befell the Eladrin Kingdom of Albion – the only Eladrin kingdom known to exist beyond the Feywild, an isle of sanctuary, for a time, from the terrible wars that raged in the Feywild against the Drow during the Kinstrife, and the treacherous Feyborn Fomorians. What follows is a brief description of the places of power known to the Eladrin Feywalkers of Albion.

Stone sentinels by agnidevi

Aran Tolneder (ah-rahn-toll-neh-dare)
The Feyborn Eladrin have had a presence in Albion for almost three thousand years when they discovered the isle of Amaril (ah-mar-rill), the gleaming isle, which exists in both the Feywild and the Middle Earth. The Kingdom of the Nine Isles is the last remaining Eladrin seat of power in Albion, and is ruled by King Ieste, a descendant of the first Eladrin to venture into Albion. Most of the Eladrin noble houses make their home upon the isle of Anoren (ah-nore-ehn), the island of the sun, which boasts graceful towers, grand monuments, and the royal library. The other isles of Aran Tolneder are: Cirninn, Esgalor, Sullaer, Lithros, the western most isle of Galennen, the fortress island of Cornaithim, and the isle of Morana, the dark wanderer, which slips between Middle Earth and the Shadowfell.

Amon Sul (ah-mohn-sool)
It was from this barren windswept hill in 1298 AE that Eladrin Mages worked a powerful ritual to summon a demonic army to destroy a great Fomorian led host that threatened to overrun the Kingdom of Albion. The demonic horde was banished to the Abyss after the total destruction of the Fomorian host, but left a Scar upon the worlds of Albion, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell.

The Scar/Ersala
The wound in the land known as The Scar, and as Ersala in the Shadowfell, was originally created by the Eladrin in their war against the Fomorians from 1248 – 1298 AE. The Feyborn Eladrin made powerful wards to close the breach between the worlds, but as time passed the wards slowly lost their strength and in 2710 AE the Lords of Bael Turath exploited this weakness to launch an attack against their sworn enemies the Dragonborn who ruled the Isle of Albion. The Scar is a crossing place between Albion and the Shadowfell where Harmosiel, the leader of the forces of Bael Turath, recruited many of his followers. Undead horrors frequent the Scar and often cross accidently into Albion from Ersala in the Shadowfell.

Eladrin city

Aelin Silme (eye-lin-seel-may)
This deep black lake in the centre of the mountains west of Deva is an ancient place of prophecy and vision and was frequently visited by the Feyborn Eladrin Kings of Albion.

Karamus (meaning ‘to reach death’ in Shadar-Kai)
The army of the Dragonborn Emperor Itamar was slaughtered south of the city of Deva in 2710 AE by the legions of the Demon Lord Harmosiel. The sudden loss of so many souls making their way to the Raven Queen created an echo in the Shadowfell and tainted Albion making Karamus a crossing place. Any creature brave enough to venture to this place of power can cross freely into the Shadowfell during the night of the new moon (Daeor).

Dol Aranel (dole-are-uh-nell)
The flower strewn mounds of Dol Aranel mark the resting place of the princesses and noble ladies of the royal court of Albion slain during a surprise Fomorian raid. It is a place heavy with sadness and loss. It is also a crossing place between Albion and the Feywild.

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Places of Power

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