The Calendar of Albion

The Eladrin Calendar is used widely throughout Albion. This calendar divides the year into twelve months and six seasons. Each month follows the twenty eight day cycle of the moon and consists of two weeks of fourteen days. One of the gods of Albion is celebrated on each day. The first day and week of each month begins with Menelor and honours all the gods and the brightness of the full moon. The first week is named Durenna, “towards darkness”, as the moon begins to wane after Menelor. The second week of the month begins with Daeor, the shadow day, to acknowledge the new moon and is called Galadenna, “towards the light”, as the moon becomes fuller bringing light to the night sky.

The Kingdoms of Men and Elves count the year from the founding of the Eladrin Kingdom of Albion. The current year is 2817 AE (Aranen Eladrin).

Note: This section is particularly indebted to the work of JRR Tolkein whose imaginative creations inspired the culture and language of the Eladrin in Albion.

The Days of the Week

Durenna Galadenna
Menelor “Heaven’s Day” Daeor “The Day of Shadow”
Pelor’s Day Pelor’s Day
Moradin’s Day Moradin’s Day
Melora’s Day Melora’s Day
Kord’s Day Kord’s Day
Avandra’s Day Avandra’s Day
Erathis’ Day Erathis’ Day
Lomeor “The Day of Waning” Silmeor “The Day of Gleaming”
Corellon’s Day Corellon’s Day
Ioun’s Day Ioun’s Day
Bahamut’s Day Bahamut’s Day
Sehanine’s Day Sehanine’s Day
The Raven Queen’s Day The Raven Queen’s Day
Ea’s Day Ea’s Day

The Months and Seasons of the Year

Month Attributes Season
Gwaeron “windy” echuir/stirring
Gwirith “budding” echuir/stirring
Lothron “flowering” ethuil/spring
Norui “pasturing” ethuil/spring
Cerveth “harvesting” laer/summer
Urui “summer heat” laer/summer
Ivanneth “fruiting” iavas/autumn
Narbeleth “grape harvesting” iavas/autumn
Hithui “foggy” firith/fading
Girithron “frosty” firith/fading
Norwain “snowy” rhiw/winter
Ninui “rainy” rhiw/winter

The Calendar of Albion

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