These pages are dedicated to recounting the saga of the Heroes of Barrow, a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons role playing campaign set on the mythical Isle of Albion.

The Isle of Albion and the Academy of Heroes

On the edge of the known world lies the verdant Isle of Albion, once the beloved realm of the long lived Feyborn Eladrin, who were destroyed or fled into exile during the Kin Slaying and Fomorian Wars. The Kingdoms of Men that survived the fall of the Eladrin were conquered centuries later by the Dragonborn legions of the Arkhosian Empire and the peoples of Albion enjoyed peace and prosperity for over three hundred years. Then, just over a century ago, the Demon Lords of Bael Turath, the ancient enemies of the sons of Bahamut (Dragonborn), found a way to reach out and ravage the Isle of Albion.


In the Year 2710 AE the hordes of Bael Turath, lead by the Demon Lord Harmosiel, poured through an ancient breach in the land, now called The Scar. The Emperor Itamar of Albion, one of the twelve Dragonborn Emperors of Arkhosia, hastily marched his field army north and gave battle south of The Wall, but Harmosiel shattered the proud Dragonborn army and their allies. In the confusion of the terrible rout the Emperor Itamar sought out the Demon Lord and with only his personal bodyguard and Ronan, thegn of Deira, fell upon Harmosiel and slew him. Itamar and his companions were cut down immediately but not before they had given their country some hope. The force’s of Harmosiel scattered at his death and rampaged throughout the Isle of Albion bringing death and destruction until at last exhausted and leaderless they began to fight amongst themselves.

The Free Peoples of Albion rallied: Men, Khuzdul, and Elves, with the unexpected aid of the Feyborn Eladrin, threw back the disorganised rabble of Bael Turath. Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, and far worse retreated into the high country and mountains, and the Free Peoples of Albion began to rebuild after their hard won victory.

Over a century has passed and the Western Arkhosian Empire has fallen into ruin, but the Free Peoples of the Isle of Albion continue to steadfastly guard their lands against the evil that lingers there. Khuzdul, Elves, and Men remain staunch allies aided by the fickle Feyborn Eladrin. What remains of the northern Dragonborn noble houses of Albion have re-established a settlement at Aesica on The Wall and the fiercely independent Kingdom of Deira has prospered and holds the lands of north-eastern Albion under it’s protection.

The village of Barrow, home to a fledgling Academy of Heroes, lies in the north of the Kingdom of Deira. Nestled within a secluded valley near the flower strewn burial mounds of Dol Aranel, the final resting place of ancient Eladrin royalty, the village of Barrow is ruled by Lady Sarah the patron of the Academy which was founded with the aid of the Masters of the Academy of Dinas Caradan, a fortress city far to the north-west of Barrow beyond the goblin infested mountains.

Men and women of every race seek entry into the Academy, but only a handful of hopeful students are admitted. The young Heroes of Barrow study, train, and fight under the watchful eye of the Masters of the Academy until they are judged fit to face battle with skill and courage.

The Heroes of the Academy are prepared to lay down their lives in defence of their world and enjoy the respect and admiration of all the Free Peoples of Albion. The Isle of Albion is a land still fraught with many dangers, but there is hope while the Heroes of Barrow take the fight to the remnants of evil that threaten civilised lands.

This is their saga.

The Heroes of Barrow

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