The Heroes of Barrow

The Saga of the Heroes of Barrow

Chapter One: The Fall of Eastford
Chapter Two: The Temple of the Raven Queen
Chapters Three to Fourteen: The Saga so far
Chapter Fifteen: The Battle of Enua
Chapter Sixteen: A Call to Arms
Chapter Seventeen: The Archmage
Chapter Eighteen: The First Tree
Chapter Nineteen: The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

The Heroes of Barrow, exhausted after their battle in the temple of Corellon, having feywalked for some leagues, stop to rest in a peaceful wooded glade. Lieeryal watches over her comrades as they succumb to their weariness lulled into sleep by the gentle bubbling of a nearby stream and waterfall. It is not long, however, before she senses that they have been followed by creatures capable of feywalking. Quickly waking her companions the Heroes are able to ready themselves just before a clamour of war cries fills the glade.


A warband of centaurs charge swiftly towards the Heroes screaming that they have come to avenge Miralda, and although Estarinal attempts to parley with them they launch a ferocious attack, wading across the stream and striking at the line of Heroes with their great swords whilst some of their warband rain down deadly arrows upon the resolute Heroes. But the centaurs had not reckoned on the skillfulness of the Heroes of Barrow, and Orwin, with the aid of his companions, strikes down the centaur warchief with ease. Victory, it seems, will come quickly.

At that moment, however, the Wild Hunt, with swarms of fey, storm into the glade, grim faced Firbolgs, warriors of great renown, lead by a raging bloodbear and priestess of the moon. The Firbolgs quickly make their presence felt, well organised and determined, they marshal the efforts of the centaur archers. The tiny fey swarm about the Heroes looking for any opening for their poisonous darts. The Firbolg cunningly isolate Lieeryal, wielder of Sehanine’s blade, from her companions and concentrate their attacks on her, greatly weakening the Eladrin Feywalker. The other Heroes try to reach Lieeryal and focus their assault, but are driven back by the powerful arrows of the centaur archers or are hindered by the Firbolg hunters who drive the Heroes apart from one another. The Heroes become frustrated and most of them suffer terrible wounds, but none as grievously as Lieeryal who is brought to her knees by the moon seer and forced against her will to hand the blade of Sehanine to the priestess. The quest seems to have been for nothing, then the Deva, Selyn, teleports the Heroes to within reach of the priestess and Orwin, with the rage of Kord upon him, slays the moon seer allowing Edriac to recover the blade.


The Firbolg warriors are stunned at the lost of their leader, but the bloodbear responds immediately advancing upon Orwin with a terrible fury. The mighty priest of Kord is struck down and begins to feel his life slipping from him. The centaurs archers once again knock many of the Heroes to their kness with powerful shots and Edriac stands alone certain that he will soon join the Raven Queen. Without hesitation, Selyn once again rallies the beleaguered Heroes. The powerful Invoker teleports Edriac and her comrades to safety where they can quickly regroup.

Fey swarm

The Heroes do not hesitate to take advantage of their second chance and throwing caution to the wind, determined to die with honour, launch one ferocious attack after another upon their surprised adversaries. Orwin is helped to his feet by Freya’s encouraging words and with the aid of the steadfast Estarinal the Heroes strengthen their battle line. The centaur archers, who have proved so deadly throughout the battle, are the first to fall to the reinvigorated Heroes. Selyn with bursts of radiant light forces the fey swarms to flee in terror. Then the bloodbear, almost blind with rage, threatens to snatch victory from the embattled Heroes and almost overwhelms Freya and Orwin. But the Heroes hold fast and concentrate their attacks against the bloodbear, who transforms at one point into a terrible creature of primal rage, before Orwin, aided by the loyal Freya, tears the beast apart with a flurry of blows.

The remaining Firbolgs seeing their greatest warrior fall falter. Freya seizing the initiative swiftly advances upon them and demands that they yield. The Firbolgs hesitate, and some driven by grief wish to continue the fight, but clearer wills prevail and the Firbolg offer their surrender on the condition that they be allowed to carry their fallen companions from the field. The Heroes readily agree to this, but Edriac remains distrustful until the Heroes are able to retire some distance from the glade, rest briefly, and then continue on their way to Hallor, grateful and relieved that fortune was kind to them this day.

The First Tree

Eladrin city

The Heroes of Barrow feywalk swiftly to the ancient Eladrin city of Glorada in search of Sehanine’s blade. After taking a few moments to get their bearings they make their way towards the temple of Corellon at the heart of the City of Trees. The Heroes become aware that they are being watched; swarms of tiny winged fey follow them, skipping and twisting between the lofty treetops far above, their chattering just audible above the constant birdsong. For many of the Heroes it is the first time that they have entered an Eladrin city and they are awed by the grandeur of the great trees rising about them.

The Heroes warily enter the temple of Corellon all too aware that their quest will bring harm to the denizens of this wonderous place. The temple is a magnificent cathedral of trees shaped by haughty Eladrin mages centuries before when their people sought refuge from the wars against the Fomorians in Albion. At the centre of the temple stands the most ancient of trees, Miralda, nurtured from the seed of one of the first trees of the world; and plunged deep into Milralda’s huge bough can be seen the blade of Sehanine, gifted to Narennor, once king of Glorada.

The Heroes gather quickly about the foot of Miralda arguing one last time among themselves hoping that there is some way to remove the sword and not harm the ancient life giving tree. Finally, Freya begins the ritual which will release the sword from Milrada’s grip. The temple becomes eerily quiet for a moment only Freya’s clear voice can be heard ringing about the temple as she completes the ritual. A trickle of warm sap oozes from the blade of the sword. Freya informs her companions that the ritual is working.


Suddenly the world about the Heroes erupts in anger. Some of the trees within the grove come to life and advance menacingly towards shieldwall of the Heroes. Wood woads charge into the temple and swarms of tiny poisonous fey swoop down from the treetops. The Heroes brace themselves, but under Estarinal and Freya’s leadership are loath to spill blood, recognising that the Treants and their allies are simply defending what is precious to them. Estarinal tries in vain to reason with the great trees warning them that if the Heroes do not take the blade to destroy the soul gem that all the world could be consumed by darkness, but the protectors of Miralda, outraged at the violence towards their mother, fall upon the Heroes.

The Heroes are battered by the ferocious assault; Edriac is overcome by fey darts and Orwin, priest of Kord, is no longer able to hold himself in check and enters a rage cutting down many of the wood woads. Lieeryal tries to reach out to Miralda, pressing herself against the great bulk of the tree, she beseeches the ancient tree to give over the sword of her own free will, to save the world, but Miralda is overcome with pain and is able to briefly dominate Lieeryal who blindly lashes out at a shocked Freya. The Treants close in and the very earth beneath the feet of the Heroes writhes and lashes out at them.


All seems lost when Lieeryal, with a great effort of will, regains her senses and gripping the sword with all her strength wrenches Sehanine’s blade from the Miralda. A great howl of pain fills the temple and the trees in the cathedral shake and groan in agony as a great gout of sap pours from the open wound. Holding the sword aloft, and calling upon the ancient power of kingship invested in the blade, Lieeryal commands the Treants and their allies to desist. At first the guardians of the temple continue to press their attack, but then the fey suddenly return to the treetops, and the wood woads reluctantly retire, and one by one the Treants surrender to the will of the blade wielder, but not without cursing the Heroes and promising revenge.

The Heroes dare not linger, but grasping this good fortune gather up their companion Edriac and retreat from the temple, heavy hearted that they have caused so such harm and grief. It is a victory that they do not cherish. The tiny band move as far away from the temple as possible before reviving Edriac and then with what little strength she has remaining Lieeryal slips them all into the world between as they feywalk north to find a place to rest before returning to Hallor.

The Archmage

Silmeor Norui 2818 AE

The Heroes return to Dinas Caradan after agreeing to meet with the King’s host before Daeor Cerveth south of Deva. The news of their success, however, is not favourably received by Freya, who is angry at the Heroes for recruiting her brother, the King, to their cause. Freya argues that the warriors of Albion are needed to safeguard their own lands and that the expedition into the Shadowfell is an overly dangerous and vainglorious undertaking. Harsh words are exchanged but the Heroes are forced to put their differences behind them the next day when they travel to Aran Tolneder en route to Hallor, on the Isle of Erin, where Cirdan has remained hidden from the world in self imposed exile.

In Aran Tolneder the Heroes are hosted by Lady Erulisse of Hir Nethtuilin who confirms Lieryaal’s fears that the Eladrin are unwilling, and unable, to assist the Shadar-kai in the Shadowfell. Lady Erulisse, however, promises to aid the Heroes journey to Hallor and an Eladrin ship and crew are placed at their disposal. Late that evening in the royal library Lieryaal is approached by Mithrellas, a leader among the Feywalkers of Albion, who learns from the Hero that a soul gem has been discovered and is being kept in Dinas Caradan. Mithrellas assures Lieryaal that her kin and other trusted feywalkers will explore the Scar and the surrounds of Deva in the hope of discovering more about the origins of the soul gem.


The Heroes depart Aran Tolneder on the morning tide and swiftly make their way to Hallor, an ancient port, from which many Eladrin choose to sail into exile after the destruction of the Fomorian Wars. Cirdan silently waits for the Heroes on the Quay of Sorrows as the Eladrin sailors masterfully bring their vessel into dock. The Heroes follow Cirdan to the royal tower of Hallor, the Dreamer’s Rock, where the Archmage has kept watch over the world. There the Heroes converse late into the night with the silver haired mage who tells them that he knows of only one way to destroy the soul gem. The blade of the goddess Sehanine, gifted to the Eladrin King Narennor, her lover, resides within the grove of Corellon in the last great Eladrin city of Glorada to the south. The blade possesses the power to destroy the soul gem, but not without consequence to it’s wielder unless he or she wears the crown of the Eladrin Kings of Albion. Cirdan asks that the Heroes travel south to Glorada and recover the blade of Sehanine whilst he journey to Amon Din amongst the dead kings of Albion to recover the royal crown. He warns the Heroes, however, that the blade is not unguarded and is a great boon and power to the current denizens of Glorada, who will not allow the blade to be taken. He adds sorrowfully that this is the curse of our power as Heroes of the Academy, to do both good and harm – it is why he had chosen to remove himself from the world, but he acknowledges that with the discovery of the soul gem he must act once again.

To be continued…

A Call to Arms

Galadenna Norui 2818 AE

The Heroes of Barrow are advised by the Shadar-kai that the safest way to bring warriors to the Shadowfell is through Karamus to the south, known as ‘the place to reach death’ to the Shadar-kai, and as the city of Deva in Albion where the Dragonborn Emperor Itamar and his army was slaughtered by the legions of the Demon Lord Harmosiel. The priestess Alia explains that on the next new moon (Cerveth Daeor) the veil between the worlds will be open and anyone can pass freely into the Shadowfell from Albion. The Heroes agree that this is the best way to bring military aid from Albion and journey with Kavita and Alia to Karamus. A ritual of passage is made and the Heroes slip into the night of their own world leaving the Shadowfell to discover that the long grassy fields that mark the site of the battle of Deva are awash with an unearthly fiery light. The Heroes witness a great arch of fire twisting beyond a ridge line to the south east which is snuffed out as suddenly as it appears. Near the blackened site of the arch they find the burnt and ravaged bodies of two paragons of Dinas Caradan; Esme, paladin of the Retreat near Whitehaven, who was once mentor to Estarinel and Iminye, an Eladrin master who the Heroes briefly met in Aesica. The site of the arch is tainted with Abyssal power and Freya discovers that Iminye has clutched to her chest a large gem, the centre of which shifts with the immolated souls of the damned. Grieving for the loss of their friends and masters the Heroes decide to journey hastily to Dinas Caradan to return the bodies of the fallen and to bring the Abyssal gem to a safe place of power.


The Heroes of Barrow are warmly welcomed at Dinas Caradan, but the loss of Esme and Iminye is deeply felt by the community; the masters and students of the Academy, the cityfolk and nobles of Dinas Caradan vent their grief in a public ceremony presided over by Alder, high priest of Avandra and a master of the Academy. The bodies of the two paragons are carried through the streets and laid to rest in the hallowed temple of the gods.

Over the next few days the Heroes take counsel with the remaining masters of Dinas Caradan: Morven, Alder, and Saeros, a half elven sage and student of Cirdan the Archmage, one of the founders of the Academy. The masters tell how Esme, Iniminye, and three other paragon companions had travelled south to investigate sightings of fiery lights, seen by sellswords known to Iminye, in the skies south of Deva. The masters assume that the other three paragons accompanying Esme and Iminye are most likely slain too – a great loss to the Academy.

Saeros discovers that the Abyssal gem is a soul gem, a rare item of power not seen since the days when the gods walked Middle Earth, after the defeat of the primordials, and waged war against one another. Saeros warns that the gem can be used by demons to travel from the Abyss and he fears that it’s fell nature will corrupt all who come into contact with it, even the masters of Dinas Caradan. He suggests that a way be found to destroy it. Saeros advises the Heroes to keep secret the existence of the soul gem but he sends word to the Archmage Cirdan, who has not been seen in the world for over half a century, and asks for his aid. In the meantime the Abyssal gem is placed in a warded and closely guarded room within the tower of Cirdan at the centre of the Academy.

The Heroes, with the exception of Freya, decide to travel to Aesica, Sarum, and Aran Tolneder to raise forces for their war in the Shadowfell whilst planning to return to Dinas Caradan and then travel to seek Cirdan’s counsel within a week. Lieryal Maungnaa feywalks the Heroes to Aesica where the Heroes enter the mire of politics when they find two tribes of Heathmen, dislodged from their traditional hunting grounds by encroaching goblin clans, encamped outside the northern walls of the city. Daithi, leader of the tribes, who is known to Edraic, has been in negotiation with the Dragonborn authorities for some months trying to get permission to enter lands claimed by the Dragonborn, but not actually controlled by them, to the east. Edraic visits his kin outside the walls and learns that the Heathmen whilst wishing to remain friends with the Dragonborn are growing increasingly frustrated at the prolonged talks. The Heathmen are deeply concerned by the growth of Orcish power in the north of Albion and tell Edraic that other Heathmen tribes have also clashed with large Orcish raiding parties and goblin tribes who have fled their tribal lands because they refused to swear fealty to powerful Orc chiefs.


Estarinel, who leads the negotiation for the Heroes, is unsuccessful in winning direct aid for the assault against Re Niassa from the Dragonborn Consul Kohath who he accidently insults by suggesting a solution for Aesica’s ‘internal’ Heathmen problem. Jerusha, the Prefect of the City, however, tactfully promises to pay any sellswords the Heroes are able to recruit and directs them to the Shambles in the south of the city. There the Heroes meet with the sellsword Blecca whose headquarters are located in the notorious lodge and brothel, the Tower. He helps the Heroes recruit the mercenary captain Anwell and about a score of his men. Blecca also informs Orwin that slave traders have been recruiting men in the Shambles for a raid across the walls to take slaves from the Heathmen. Edraic is enraged when he learns of this and the Heroes slip out of the main northern gate of Aesica to inform the Heathmen of this threat. The tribal elders are hastily gathered and after a furious debate they decide to break off negotiations with the Dragonborn and lead their people along the Wall to the east away from the treacherous Dragonborn. Estarinal promises to speak to King Athelstan of Deira, who he believes will give the Heathmen permission to enter the northern most unpopulated parts of his kingdom. The tribes quickly and silently uproot their camp and leaving some tents and campfires, within sight of the walls, move off into the night accompanied by Edraic, who agrees to meet up with his friends within a week. Before the Heathmen leave Orwin is able to speak briefly with the shaman Ardan from whom he learns more about his Goliath kin to the the north and the birthmark symbols that caused them to abandon him as a child. The Heroes return to Aesica with the Heathmen elder, Aithe, and her protector, Bridget, and leave the following morning during the commotion caused by the sudden disappearance of the Heathmen, whom they confirm to Jersuha have departed because of the threat of slave traders.

When the Heroes arrive in Sarum they receive a joyful welcome from the Khuzdul Kings Einar and Hama, and King Athelstan of Deira. The lands around the ancient Khuzdul city have been transformed in the Heroes absence by the warriors and frydsmen which has been put to work plowing new fields and constructing a host of buildings for the Khuzdul families that have begun to arrive from Belegost in the east. The great city within the mountain has been made safe and the folk of King Einar are grateful to return home after a hundred years of life as refugees amongst their Khuzdul kin. The halls and streets of Sarum once again resound to the sounds of a thriving and industrious city.

During the feasts that follow Estarinal and his companions are able to persuade the Kings to aid their efforts to defend the soul beacon of Namurra by taking the undead fortress of Re Niassa. The Khuzdul Kings readily promise one hundred and twenty axes to be led by Mena, friend to Ravik of the Five, who fell fighting with the Heroes in Sarum. King Athelstan of Deira, jealous of the exploits and fame of the Heroes of Barrow, and keen to share in their glory, pledges to bring a host of twelve hundred men to vanquish the undead in the Shadowfell. The Heroes are astonished, but grateful for the King’s generosity. Athelstan also grants the Heathmen free access to his lands in exchange for acknowledgement of his lordship over the northern lands. Aithne and Bridget agree to his terms and bear the good news to their people by the Wall.

The Saga so far

Echuir (Stirring Time) 2817 AE

Royal tower of eastford

Gwaeron (windy)
Goblin war bands aided by The White Lady and her undead allies attack the royal keep of Eastford and the village of Westdale. The goblin war bands are routed, and the keep of Eastford recaptured by the Heroes who also vanquish a goblin shaman and his followers at a ruined Temple dedicated to the Raven Queen.

Gwirith (budding)
The Heroes return to Barrow and preparations are made for an expedition into the western mountains with the goal of recovering wealth from the deserted estates of the Dragonborn and Khuzdul nobility of the city of Danum and the kingdom of Sarum respectively.

Ethuil (Spring)

Lothron (flowering)
The Heroes establish a base at Arkell’s tomb in the mountains after defeating a pack of ravenous ghouls and a curious young white dragon. Nearby they discover the final resting place of a Dragonborn paladin, Gidan, who is mourned by the ghost of his lover, Meira, a concubine to the jealous and cruel Dragonborn Emperor Azrael. Estarinel recovers Gidan’s sunblade after trying to converse with Meira who flees but not before summoning phantoms to protect her beloveds tomb. The Heroes overcome the phantoms, but days later Estarinel is plagued by dreams in which Meira leads him to a secret burial chamber beneath the secluded summer palace of the Emperor Azrael. The Heroes resolve to investigate the truth of Estarinel’s dream and on route to the Emperor’s palace slaughter a force of goblins escorted by ogres.

Spring barrow

The Heroes stealthily enter the hobgoblin infested palace and discover a series of burial chambers beneath a temple – the final tomb of the Emperor Azrael and his court. After slaying numerous undead foes the Heroes rescue Meira, who is miraculously alive, cursed by the Emperor Azrael to live forever as punishment. The Heroes decide to loot the Emperor’s tomb and are almost overwhelmed by mad and savage wraiths, however, they discover the Emperor’s phylactery and Orwin destroys this with several blows of his great axe, but not before glimpsing an outraged Lich Lord staring at him from a shadow marked land.

Norui (pasturing)
The Heroes escort Meira to Barrow and learn of the despair that consumed the Emperor Azrael at the death of his wife and how his grief drove him to transform himself into a Lich Lord, a servant of Orcus. Orwin retains the shards of the phylactery unaware that its unique signature can be tracked by Azrael in The Shadowfell. The Heroes recuperate and Master Leofric sends a group of frydsmen and craftsmen to fortify the outpost at Arkell’s tomb. Mithrellas teaches Lieryal Maungnaa how to feywalk between the ancient Eladrin places of power.

Laer (Summer)

Cerveth (harvesting)
The Heroes return to the western mountains and enter the deserted Khuzdul city of Sarum where they join battle with hobgoblins who they discover are in alliance with Druegar. The Heroes capture a goblin, Murkil, who tells them where the treasury of the old Khuzdul kings is located. Murkil is forced to lead the Heroes to the treasury which is warded by powerful magic and guardians which almost defeat the Heroes. Orwin finds amongst the regalia of the King’s of Sarum a mail coat which once belonged to a Goliath hero, Aukan.


Whilst resting in an isolated villa in Sarum the Heroes are tracked down by the Heathman Edraic and Kavita, a Shadar-kai, who has been sent by her people to warn the Heroes that Azrael has sent his servants to slay them. As the Heroes attempt to leave Sarum they are assaulted by a force of undead which they defeat. After some argument the Heroes free Murkil and return to Barrow.

Urui (summer heat)
Messages are sent to the exiled Khuzdul nobles of Sarum that the lost regalia of their kings have been recovered. Kavita warns the Heroes that the Emperor Azrael will continue to hound them and perhaps even Barrow. She convinces them to travel to the Shadowfell with her to slay the Lich Lord. The Heroes accept her counsel and with Lieryal’s feywalking ritual quickly make their way north pausing briefly at the Dragonborn city of Aesica before entering The Scar.

Iavas (Autumn)

Ivanneth (fruiting)
The Heroes reach Ersala in the the Shadowfell after a desperate battle against an undead Beholder drawn to the power of Kavita’s ritual of passage. The Heroes dazed and wounded are led by Kavita to the sacred beacon of Namurra where souls find their way to the Raven Queen’s palace. Finally the Heroes are able to rest safely. Edraic is asked by Kavita to act as her second in a ritual where she gives up her soul in service to the Raven Queen.


The Heroes are informed by the elders of Te Sukara and the ‘deathless’ Deva, Selyn Barreyd, that a spy within Azrael’s court has told the Shadar-kai of a secret passage beneath the Red Temple that leads into the heart of the Lich Lord’s palace at Re Niassa, where Azrael has skulked since the destruction of his phylactery. The Heroes agree that it is time to strike Azrael whilst he is weak although they acknowledge that they may be walking into a trap. Before they can join their Shadar-kai allies at the Red Temple the Heroes are ambushed by powerful servant’s of the Emperor. Estarinal is almost slain in the battle. Whilst resting, but still delirious from his wounds, Estarinal receives a vision of the angel Helah who guides the spirit of Ithiel into his sunblade forever transforming the weapon into a powerful and holy relic.

The Heroes assault the Red Temple with Selyn and their Shadar-kai allies slaying the priests of Orcus within and easily finding the secret passage to the Emperor’s palace. Lieryal discovers a feywalker’s amulet upon the high priest’s body. After a brief rest the Heroes enter the palace and whilst their allies move to hold the gates seek out the Emperor in his private quarters. A brutal fight ensues and the Heroes are able to cast down Azrael and his elite bodyguard taking from him his crown. Meeting up with their Shadar-kai allies they swiftly travel through a linked portal to Namurra escaping the wrath of Azrael’s vengeful servants.

After some time in the Shadowfell the Heroes, now joined by Selyn, return to Albion through Ersala/The Scar. There they fight their way through undead to the Dragonborn city of Aesica where they are given a warm and triumphant welcome by the consul Kohath. The Emperor of Albion’s crown is returned to the Dragonborn who celebrate the Heroes with feasting and giving of gifts.

Narbeleth (grape harvesting)
Eager to return to Barrow after their exploits in the Shadowfell Lieryal feywalks her comrades to Dol Aranel only to discover that Barrow is under attack from Trolls, Wyverns, and deformed Blightborn! The Heroes rush to the defense of their beloved village and are surprised to find contingents of Khuzdul and Eladrin already defending the village. The Heroes join the defenders and rout their foes after enduring several waves of attackers. After tending to the wounded they celebrate their victory with the exiled King of Sarum, Einar, and Mithrellas and all their gathered kin. Lady Sarah tells how Einar was in Barrow awaiting the Heroes return when they captured a goblin who warned them of an impending attack by the forces of the ambitious troll king Skalmad. The Khuzdul fortified Barrow as best they could whilst Mithrellas swiftly summoned her folk and with the timely aid of the Heroes were able to defeat the Troll King’s raid.

The Heroes interrogate the captured goblin whom they instantly recognise – Murkil of Sarum. Murkil says that he speaks for a number of the hobgoblin chiefs who have been forced to give their fealty to the self proclaimed troll king Skalmad, who has united a number of powerful troll clans. The goblin tells the Heroes that Skalmad boasted of crushing Barrow to show his strength and has already captured the outpost of Arkell’s tomb, capturing and killing it’s defenders. Murkil knows that some of these people are still alive as Skalmad paraded them as slaves before the hobgoblin chiefs. Under duress Murkil describes the location of Skalmad’s Great Warren deep in the western mountains and precisely where the slaves are held in the murky caverns. The goblin explains that Skalmad has some great power assisting him and has spoken of an ancient cauldron of power. A day later the Heroes march to their friends rescue. Murkil is released to return to his people once again.

The Heroes enter Skalmad’s warren cutting their way ferociously through the numerous Troll guards and their allies until they reach the slave pits and carry the prisoners to safety through a sinkhole that leads to the surface. After a brief rest the Heroes return to the troll warren to search for one of the prisoners believed to be held in Skalmad’s throne room, but before they can find her they are confronted by the White Lady who has been aiding the troll king’s efforts. The Heroes are able to defeat the White Lady’s undead servants, but cannot prevent her escape once again.


Seeking to take Skalmad by surprise the Heroes burst into his throne room and defeat the troll king, his elite bodyguard, and two drow emissaries. The missing prisoner, Isla, a sorceress, is rescued. The Heroes learn from her how Skalmad’s crystal throne is a portal to the Feywild where the cauldron of power resides. The Heroes use the throne to travel to the Feywild and discover Moss Kragg a ruined Fomorian fortress which is guarded by magical wards and the devout Cyclops retainers of two Fomorian Priestess’. After several difficult battles the Heroes overcome the Fomorians and destroy the cauldron. Weighed down with booty the Heroes return with their rescued friends to Barrow.

Firith (Fading)

Hithui (foggy)
The Heroes arrive in Barrow just in time to celebrate the great harvest festival. Hadwin of Calver, an emissary from the King of Deira, presents himself to the Heroes and explains how their exploits have reached the court in Erelas. Estarinel learns that Freya is the eldest sister of King Athelstan. The Heroes finally enjoy a well deserved rest and contemplate building a new fortified Academy with their riches, which includes an ancient torc from an Eladrin noble house. Lieryal gifts this to Mithrellas to return to the Eladrin of Aran Tolneder.

Winter albion

Girithron (frosty)
The Heroes are invited to the court of the King of Deira at Erelas. They are surprised to discover Freya’s true lineage and are hosted warmly by King Athelstan, her brother, who attempts to persuade the Heroes to take a more active interest in the affairs of the kingdom and to found an Academy, with his aid, in Erelas. The Heroes return to Barrow divided as to the Academy’s future role.

Rhiw (Winter)

Norwain & Ninui (snowy & rainy)
The Heroes winter in Barrow pursuing various personal interests and expanding their friendships amongst the Khuzdul, Eladrin, Dragonborn, and folk of Dinas Caradan. This involves traveling to Belegost, Aran Tolneder, Aesica, Whitehaven, and Dinas Caradan respectively.

Echuir (Stirring Time) 2818 AE

Gwaeron (windy)
Plans are laid for the reconquest of the Khuzdul city of Sarum.

Gwirith (budding)
The Heroes are invited to Aran Tolneder where Erulisse, the Lady of Hir Nethtuilin, an Eladrin noble house, gift the Banner of Barrow in thanks for the return of their ancestral torc, recovered from Skalmad’s horde. The banner is adorned with stars representing the burial mounds of Dol Aranel which overlook the village of Barrow.


The host of Sarum gather at Barrow. Warriors from the exiled Khuzdul King of Sarum and their kin from Belegost and Barahathur join forces with the thegns and frydsmen of King Athelstan of Deira. Elvish scouts from Aremathor rally with the host which numbers over three and half thousand souls.

Ethuil (Spring)

Lothron (flowering)
After the spring festival and offerings to the gods the host marches west! The allied army is subjected to raids and niggling attacks from small bands of goblins as they advance on Sarum, which are easily repelled with the aid of the Heroes of Barrow. The host reaches and advances into Sarum only to find that it’s goblin and druegar defenders have hastily fled some days before. The halls of the great city are made safe and the surrounding countryside reclaimed.

The Heroes are sent to the ancient burial chambers of the Kings of Sarum where they vanquish a demonic dragon summoned by the retreating druegar. Ravik of the Five, hearth companion to the King of Sarum, is slain and his passing is mourned by the Heroes.

Norui (pasturing)

Edriac and Kavita travel from the Shadowfell to Sarum and persuade the Heroes to return with them to assist with an attack against the weakened forces of Re Niassa, the stronghold of the slain Lich Lord Azrael.


Arriving in Te Sukara the Heroes are invited to speak at a council between the elders of a number of Shadar-kai tribes, but before they can utter a word the elders are attacked by Namku assassins, Shadar-kai loyal to the undead masters of Daranusan. In the vicious and confusing battle that follows one of the elders is slain and the ancestor stones defiled. After grieving for the loss of Isina of Te Alim the elders continue their discussion and the Heroes manage to persuade each of the tribes to pledge warriors to capture Re Niassa thereby safeguarding the soul beacon of Namurra.

Before the Heroes can return to Albion, to gather allies to assist the Shadar-kai assault, scouts spot a small force of undead led by a death priest and battle wights marching towards Ersala intent on summoning undead to reinforce Re Niassa. The scouts describe an Eladrin women amongst the undead force – the White Lady. The Heroes hastily gather their arms and with sixty warriors from Te Sukara and Te Urma set an ambush for the undead legion on it’s return from Ersala.

The Battle of Enua

Pelor Galadenna (16) Norui 2818 AE


The Heroes of Barrow, with sixty Shadar-kai warriors, set an ambush by the Enua river for the freshly raised skeletal legions of Re Niassa. For hours the Heroes lie in wait hidden amongst the tall reeds of the river bank as their Shadar-kai allies lurk in the rises overlooking the river.

Weapons and spells are finally readied when the steady and monotonous marching of the approaching skeletal legions is heard. The Shadar-kai, led by Kadua and the priestess Alia, slip into position and when the undead forces lie just below them the Shadar-kai swiftly advance down the slopes with war cries shouted to the Raven Queen on their lips. The leaders of the skeletal legions react quickly. The deathpriest of Orcus and his three battle wight commanders snap orders and over a hundred skeletons form up silently to face the out numbered Shadar-kai. Black tendrils of necrotic energy rip across the field of battle as the two lines crash into one another. Shadar-kai warriors shadow jaunt and twist away from the mechanical attacks of their tireless skeletal foes trying to frustrate creatures that cannot feel or fear; bones are shattered and the gray grass wet with blood.

At that moment the Heroes of Barrow spring up from their place of hiding and charge towards the vulnerable rear of the undead battle lines, but their attempts to take the legion commanders by surprise is thwarted by skeletal reserves and the Heroes suddenly find themselves hard pressed and surrounded by numerous foes. Orwin, priest of Kord, revels in the heart of this battle and although set upon at every side is filled with the frenzy and joy of battle, a blessing from his god, and his great axe hews effortlessly through the weapons and outstretched limbs of his enemies.


Just as the undead threaten to overwhelm the dazed and isolated band of Heroes Estarinel cries out to Pelor and peels of divine light burst forth from his person three times searing and scattering the undead legions greatly reducing their number. The tide of the battle is decisively turned and the Heroes and Shadar-kai attack with renewed vigour striking down first the deathpriest of Orcus and his commanders until only a few skeletal legionnaires remain fighting on, unaware of their eventual doom, until at long last they too are finally vanquished and their restless bones stilled.

The Shadar-kai are exuberant at their victory and give grateful thanks to the Raven Queen – not one of their number has fallen. The Heroes, exhausted but encouraged by the outcome of battle of Enua, return to Te Sukara to celebrate with their allies. There the Heroes make plans to return to Barrow to gather reinforcements from amongst their friends in Albion. {Encounter 30: Deathpriest of Orcus, 2 x Skeletal Guardians, Battle Wight Commander, 2 x Battle Wights, 10 x Skeletal Legions – a Huge 14th level battle formation/unit. The Heroes advance to level 15.}

The Temple of the Raven Queen

Temple raven queen

Erathis Durenna (13) Gwaeron 2817 AE

Early that morning Thegn Declan, commander of the royal keep of Kestern, arrives in Eastford with ten men. The Heroes relate the tale of their battle and the fall of Eastford. Declan decides to remain at Eastford rather than rush to the aid of Westdale. He persuades the Heroes to help fortify the battered keep against further goblin attacks. Together they raise burial mounds for the fallen soldiers of Eastford.

At midday the Elvish Ranger Daeron and his Heathman companion, Edraic, arrive from the southeast bringing news of the battle of Westdale. Daeron reports that Selred, Earl of Lothene (the North Shire), was able to muster enough fighting men to throw back the goblin warband and their undead allies, but losses amongst Selred’s men were terrible as many of them were simple villagers. The Elvish Ranger tells with sadness how much of the village was destroyed during the hard fought battle.

Daeron then warns the Heroes and Thegn Declan that although the goblin warband fled the battlefield in disarray Earl Selred was unable to organise an effective pursuit. There are small bands of goblin raiders making their way back to their tribal grounds in the north east. Daeron believes that some of them will pass close to Eastford or seek shelter there. Earl Selred has asked that Eastford continue to be held against the goblins and that some men be despatched to harass the retreating goblins. The Heroes, who are joined by the barbarian Edriac, readily agree to hunt down the goblins whilst Daeron, Declan, and his men remain at Eastford. After a hasty meal the Heroes set out into the forested hills.


Late in the day Lieryal Maungnaa discovers a number of goblin tracks that seem to converge at a ruined Temple of the Raven Queen originally erected by Dragonborn legionnaires to honour comrades who fell in the invasion of Albion. Cautiously approaching the ruined upper temple the Heroes are attacked by an emaciated and desperate force of goblins led by a berserk Skullcleaver. The goblins fight with a grim determination but are quickly overcome by the Heroes. {Encounter 3: 1 x Skullcleaver, 3 x Cutters, 4 x Warriors, 1 x Sharpshooter} .

After a short rest the Heroes descend into the lower temple of the Raven Queen where they surprise the goblin tribe’s shaman and bodyguard deep in argument with a pale faced Eladrin woman. The Eladrin swiftly orders a deadlock wight and zombies in her service to kill the Heroes and the goblins! The White Lady, as she comes to be known, then quickly makes her escape through a portal before the Heroes can act against her. The battle is brutal and tainted by fell sorcery, but the divine might of Orwin and Estarinel win victory for the Heroes with Lieryal bravely fey stepping to distract the wight even though she is both blinded and badly wounded. When their opponents are finally vanquished the Heroes make offerings of thanks to the gods and pay tribute to the fallen legionnaires of the temple whose death masks line the walls. {Encounter 4: 1 x Skullcleaver, 1 x Cutter, 1 x Goblin Hexer, 2 x Zombies, 1 x Deadlock Wight} .

Night has fallen by the time the Heroes ascend to the surface. It is too difficult for them to continue tracking goblins so they decide to make their way back to Eastford where they take a lengthly rest before returning to the village of Barrow.

The Fall of Eastford

Royal tower of eastford

Sehanine Durenna (12) Gwaeron 2817AE

The Heroes of Barrow are roused from their slumber in the middle of the night by the arrival of the exhausted families of the soldiers of the royal keep of Eastford. The distraught elders, women, and children are ushered into the great hall where the injured are cared for and the terrified comforted. Lady Sarah and Master Leofric question the distressed refugees and learn that the keep of Eastford has been attacked by a goblin warband aided by the walking dead. The families tell how they were forced to flee before they could find shelter in the keep but believe that a goblin force is besieging Eastford whilst the bulk of the warband marches south east to attack the prosperous village of Westdale.

Master Leofric orders a rider to Harnen to warn Earl Selred of the impending attack so that aid can be sent to Westdale. He also sends messengers to the thegns of Westdale, Eskel and the royal keep of Kestern. He is unaware that the Elvish Ranger Daeron and his heathman friend, Edraic, are already sprinting towards Westdale to raise the alarm.

Master Leofric calls the fryd of Barrow to arms. The Heroes of Barrow: Estarinel, Paladin of Pelor; Orwin, Warpriest of Kord; Lieryal Maungnaa, Ranger of Aran Tolneder; and Freya, Shieldmaiden of Deira are ordered north. They quickly gather their arms and equipment and rush to the aid of the beleaguered keep whilst Leofric and the fryd march for Westdale.

Interior eastford

The Heroes are confronted by a force of undead skeletons when they attempt to cross the ford on the river Kantus. In the fight that follows the Heroes defeat their undead foes and discover, just beyond the ford, the bodies of two elders who were lost in the flight from Eastford and slaughtered by the pursuing skeletons. {Encounter 1: 6 x Decreipt Skeletons, 3 x Skeletons} . Determined to reach Eastford and avenge this outrage the Heroes press on through the night and arrive just before dawn at the edge of the deserted village below the keep. {Skill Challenge: Through the Night. Complexity 1}

Lieryal scouts the area and discovers that there are goblins already within the keep. She can clearly see a guard on top of the north tower and the shattered remains of the main gate is strewn with the arrow covered bodies both of men and goblins. The Heroes resolve to frontally assault the keep. Lieryal sneaks forward and fey steps to the top of the north tower in an attempt to silence the guard just before her comrades charge the gate, but she is unable to slay the goblin guard and finds herself in a desperate fight for survival. The goblin guard screams out a warning to his comrades in the courtyard below.

Estarinal, Freya, and Orwin charge through the shattered gate driving back two goblin guards and are quickly set upon by the rest of the goblin holding force. A brutal fight ensues. The warleader of the goblins throws some tear shaped stones onto the ground and undead skeletons spring forth and rush into battle. He then turns to a pile of corpses, the remains of the soldiers of Eastford, and places two of the stones into their mouths, within moments the bodies lurch into life and two zombies stumble towards the already hard pressed Heroes. Somehow the Heroes of Barrow manage to absorb the initial assault and slowly turn the tide cutting down the goblins and their Undead allies with the help of Lieryal who rains down arrows from the north tower after only just overcoming her goblin opponent. Not one goblin escapes. {Encounter 2: 9 x Cutters, 1 x Warrior, 1 x Sharpshooter (north tower)}

In the awful silence that follows the exhausted Heroes rest fitfully whilst Lieryal stands guard in the north tower. Freya weeps openly for the fallen of Eastford many of whom were known to her and the others. The Heroes of Barrow have finally been tested in battle and they have not been found wanting.


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